Over the years of CPR and first aid training we have seen a shift from mostly employer paid training to employee paid training – it changed a lot as the economy changed – not surprising.

Some companies are paying for CPR and first aid training as a way to keep employees around – a small perk that is tied to their employment in that industry anyway. The bigger the company the more likely the company will pay for it but we’ve also seen where the employee gets the fee deducted from their paycheck too even with large companies.

Did you pay for your last CPR class or did your employer?

I’ve seen over the last few years more and more employers shift the cost of training over to their employees. There are some companies that still cover the training expenses for their staff in CPR and first aid, like a huge company I did a BLS for Healthcare Providers mainly cause they were reorganizing their operations. I have a lot of other clients who cover that as well but many times I see those who have to take care of that themselves, often those students are not that well paid for the work they do, like teachers.

We always try to give discounts where we can, like we have a bring your own book discount and we have a bring a friend discount not to mention active military discounts. The idea is power in numbers gets you a better price. We offer group rates on 6 or more students AND we typically come to your location to do the class too!

Please comment on when was your last CPR training and who paid for it.

Also, if you typically are the one who manages your company’s CPR training, we have something extra for you – just mention your company name in your comment!

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